Miyajima Shiro

A beautiful view that projects vermillion
over the azure blue of the sea.
Overlooking the World Heritage Site
"Itsukushima Shrine" and its "Otorii" gate,
you will find Miyajima, one of Japan's three great views.

Here, in the peaceful day-to-day life of this historic cityscape,
said to continue from the Kamakura Period,
stands a small ryokan (Japanese inn) named "Shiro".
Staying at this inn will surely show you
the beauty of Miyajima in a way unlike anywhere else.



Whether travelling with family, as a couple, or alone, we have three rooms that let you select from Japanese or Western style rooms to match your travelling style.


Activities / Sightseeing

Miyajima has famous sightseeing spots and gourmet spots you can enjoy during your stay.
See here for activity experiences, such as sea kayaking tour through the sea of Miyajima or taking a relaxing guided-tour by rickshaw through Miyajima.



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