Room Information

We have a total of three rooms,
with both Western and Japanese-style rooms available.
Whether travelling with family,
as a couple, by yourself, or with a pet,
you can select a room to match your travelling style.
The entire wing can also be rented out
to accommodate large groups, so please feel free to inquire.

AwayukiPowdery Snow

A Western-style room with an appealing, soft atmosphere.

  • 1F
  • 40,000 yen/ per night (excluding tax)
  • Max.3 people
  • Includes shower room

HakuroWhite Dew

This is a mixed-style room with a calming atmosphere,
featuring a Western-style room with a sunken kotatsu table
and a raised Japanese-style room.
This smaller room is the perfect size for spending
time with someone special.

  • 2F
  • 30,000 yen/ per night (excluding tax)
  • Max.4 people

Asagiri Morning Calm

This spacious Western-style room features
a wood deck that brings in a comforting breeze.
It also features a loft to give families or groups plenty of space.

  • 2F
  • 30,000 yen/ per night (excluding tax)
  • Max.8 people
  • Includes a loft

Whole house rental

Entire apartment for large groups.
All rooms and facilities are available.

  • 150,000 yen/ per night (excluding tax)
  • Max.15 people
Pets Also Allowed

Pets are welcome!

Lodging with pets is permitted in all rooms.
We hope you enjoy your stay on Miyajima with your precious dog or cat.

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